Syracuse to Host 2015 and 2017 Delphic Games

Arts and culture “sister” of the Olympics comes to ‘Cuse

2013 (c) Delphic Media

2013 (c) Delphic Media

By Julianne Dellorso SYRACUSE (NCC News) -The city of Syracuse has won the bid to host the 2015 Junior Delphic Games and 2017 Adult Delphic Games, beating out a city in India. It will be the first time that the Games have ever been held on United States soil.

The Delphic Games, known as the “sister” of the Olympics, are a celebration of arts and culture. They are expected to be held at the New York State Fairgrounds and the OnCenter.

The “rings” of the Delphic Games are:

  • Visual Arts
  • Social Arts
  • Ecological Arts
  • Acoustic Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Lingual Arts

Why Syracuse?

Justin Lynch, Online Relations Manager at theĀ Syracuse Convention and Visitors Bureau, which helped put together the bid, offers a few suggestions about why Syracuse was chosen by the international committee to host the Games.

“Well there’s a lot of things about Syracuse that locals take for granted. There’s a lot of things folks get excited about when we talk about different conventions coming here. We’re positioned very well in our community. There’s great arts museums like the Everson. We’re really close to the Finger Lakes and the Adirondacks. So people that come in for a particular event can really extend their stay and participate in a lot of great activities.”

“Syracuse really is a worldly and cosmopolitan city,” said Lynch. “Even though sometimes we don’t think about it that way.”

Bringing the games to the city

The Games are more popular in Europe and Asia, so how did the bid from Syracuse come to fruition?

“We have this program, its called ‘Meet Syracuse,’ and what we do is we meet with local meeting and event planners. And through that process we ended up working with Michele [Tarnow, chief marketing officer for the International Delphic Foundation], and built a partnership, and she kind of let us know about the Games. And from there we were able to help her with the bid process to bring the games here,” explained Lynch.

Bringing the audience to the games

According to Lynch, Syracuse expects about 100,000 spectators (local and international) to come to Syracuse for the 2015 Junior Delphic Games.

Syracuse resident Paige Meckler says she thinks the games are a great thing for the city, and would travel to watch them.

“I’m actually from Buffalo, but I would definitely come back to see the Games. I’m only two hours away, so I’d definitely come back.”

“We’re just really excited to have the Games here and welcome the spectators and participants to our community,” said Lynch.

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